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May 26 Insider/Keenan buys SWM
Insider/Rahilly buys TMP
Insider/Mcmullen buys VFC
Insider/Frischer buys KFSYF
Insider/Cronin buys CIZN
Insider/Kever buys DDD
Insider/Alvarado buys LMB
Insider buys CHI
Insider/Webb buys DTC
Insider/Henley buys OCN
Insider/Harman buys PKG
Insider/Murray buys BTRS
Insider/Stewart buys UTZ
Insider/Breaux buys CVNA
Insider/Roddy buys PRPL
Insider/Fanger buys FLL
Insider/Hussain buys LILA
Insider/Hees buys CAR
Insider buys CCD
Insider/Gordon buys TSLX
Insider/Disanto buys EML
Insider/Boswerger buys NMFC
Insider/Moore buys NCBS
Insider/Forman buys FSK
Insider/Hollmig buys VERO
Insider/Pudipeddi buys SONX
Insider/Mccrosson buys PCSB
Insider/Shmunis buys RNG
Insider/Jesberger buys ACR
Insider/Chambrello buys INSE
Insider buys GLP
Insider buys CSQ
Insider/Moschner buys NMZ
Insider buys CHY
Insider/Hamada buys TRIN
Insider/Ault buys DPW
Insider/Smach buys CROX
Insider/Amin buys PBBK
May 25 Insider buys RNWK
Insider/Rosenbach buys MCBC
Insider/Stallings buys TCBIL
Insider/Azab buys DRRX
Insider/Schirle buys GSIT
Insider/Satterfield buys SFE
Insider/Hill buys CATS
Insider/Cummins buys APLD
Mar 31 Melvin Capital buys MLM
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases MRNA
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases MSFT
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases BEKE
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases JD
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases EDR
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases DASH
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases DIS
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases BNTX
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases AMZN
Melvin Capital closes SNAP
Melvin Capital closes OLPX
Melvin Capital closes FB
Melvin Capital closes EFX/Call
Melvin Capital closes DASH/Call
Melvin Capital closes BURL
Melvin Capital closes AFRM
Melvin Capital buys V
Melvin Capital decreases UBER/Call
Melvin Capital decreases TXRH/Call
Melvin Capital buys SPOT
Melvin Capital decreases SNOW/Call
Melvin Capital decreases NOW/Call
Melvin Capital decreases SEAS/Call
Melvin Capital decreases PAGS
Philippe Laffont/Coatue decreases NFLX
Melvin Capital decreases MAR/Call
Melvin Capital decreases LYV/Call
Melvin Capital decreases LH/Call
Melvin Capital decreases IAA/Call
Melvin Capital decreases H
Melvin Capital decreases HLT/Call
Melvin Capital decreases EXPE/Call
Melvin Capital decreases DT/Call
Melvin Capital buys DLTR
Melvin Capital decreases DDOG/Call
Melvin Capital decreases COTY/Call
Melvin Capital decreases BILL/Call
Melvin Capital decreases BBWI/Call
Melvin Capital decreases TEAM/Call
Melvin Capital increases AMZN
Melvin Capital decreases ALGN/Call
Melvin Capital decreases AAP
George Soros/Soros Fund closes INFO
George Soros/Soros Fund closes NUAN
George Soros/Soros Fund buys ZNGA
George Soros/Soros Fund buys SNAP
George Soros/Soros Fund decreases QQQ/Put
George Soros/Soros Fund increases CERN
Charlie Munger/Daily Jnl decreases BABA